Nutrition Strategy and Body Transformation


Orit Tsaitlin Sport Nutritionist


About 4elements4life

4elements4life under the management of Orit Tsaitlin - Sport Nutritionist, was established in 2012, to provide nutritional counseling, result-oriented training for all people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. We help them focus on a healthier and improved lifestyle while feeling fantastic and looking great!

The four elements Orit has lived by are the elements that make up the brand name 4elements4life.

Nutrition, Strength, Determination and Change are the tools required for achieving success in any physical change process and in any other process seeking ongoing progress and success.

Orit is an internationally certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) with a BSc in chemistry and MBA, and for the past five years she has specialized in customized nutrition for achieving change in body composition for people who want to look better and for athletes who wish to improve their athletic results. Using a science-based, and most importantly, individual approach to each client, Orit helps hundreds of people achieve their physical goals and desired change.

The Approach  

People who engage in sports, whether professionally or as a hobby, have different nutritional needs than those with a less active lifestyle. Science based Sport Nutrition is first and foremost individually based and personalized for every person's lifestyle, preferences and goals. Whether you aim to reduce your body fat, get into shape, improve your athletic results or just lead a healthier lifestyle, the approach is ONE: to create a nutritional lifestyle that combines athletic activity, instead of feeding you another diet. 4elements4life aims to give you the best and simplest nutritional guidance that can be implemented and followed over time.

Weight loss

Physical preparation for fitness photo shoots

Fat loss

Muscle mass increase

Improving energy and metabolic levels

Reshaping after childbirth

Improving athletic results

General health improvement

Improved appearance