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Tali Before
4th January 2017
Tali After
4th September 2017

"I heard Orit’s name from a friend about the same week I discovered I was pregnant. I “liked” the facebook page, drooled on the before/after photos that she put online and only waited to give birth in order to get started with Orit. My turn has come and three-month postpartum I started the program that changed my life. Here are some facts about me before Orit:

1 - I like sports very much, but I Love! to eat…

2 - I’ve got terrible eating habits and therefore stomach aches are regular

3 - I’ve got a phobia of weighing myself, thus I try to avoid it as much as possible.

I’m two months into the program, but already feel a great change in appearance, but mostly as how I perceive nutrition and how I preserve my body. Here are some facts during the program:

1 - I’m still enjoying sports and food (yes, yes …)

2 - My eating habits changed drastically and, “what a wonderful”, my stomach hasn’t ached once from the beginning.

3 - I managed to resolve my issues with the scale (although I still miss a heartbeat here and there before the weigh). And it is even nice to see the numbers go down as long as I put the effort in it.

It might look like a trick, but as Orit says: “No magic, just hard work” and it is genuinely true.You must work to look and feel good. There is no one better than her to coach me through this program than Orit who is an example and a model of her method (mother and real stunner) and is “professor level” knowledge about everything that body (and soul) need to be on top

Orit is a perfect combination: nutrition and sport, nutritious, healthy and satisfactory food and something sweet with afternoon coffee, encouragement, and reassurance when everything goes well and helpful tips and suggestions when it’s difficult, close daily coaching and full confidence in the cooperation of the customer.

On a personal note - Orit, you are amazing.You’ve got the ability to support and accompany in a sensitive, yet assertive and professional style. I’m still shocked every time I manage to fit into another pair of pants from the past and discover that it only looks better now than then. Thanks for everything.

I told my husband that it is a birthday present and I wish everyone to pamper herself because of she and her body worth it. Thank you, another satisfied client."

Reshaping after birth
Personalized Nutrition plan, training program for specific body type and on line coaching
-8 kg, -9% body fat in 8 months