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The 10 Commandments of Holiday Dieting

25th March 2019

Published in ISSN SCOOP by Orit Tsaitlin CISSN


Your trainer or sports nutritionist probably tells you that he adheres to his diet while traveling. He will also tell you that he always chooses healthier options despite the myriad of culinary choices in the world’s finest restaurants. You don’t believe them?  Yeah, me neither. I’d suggest that you to put a hidden camera into his bag to see what he is really doing, because there is no way that I will prefer chicken breast over the finest European beef, sparkling water over German beer or Italian wine, rice cakes over a french croissant or canned tuna instead of delicious seafood.

In the end, however, you must measure how good your nutrition is not for the 10 vacation days but for 365 days a year. It’s all about progress, not perfection. There aren’t any inherently bad or fattening foods so trainers and diet gurus need to stop putting this nonsense in people’s heads.

Eventually, there is not the one food, food combination or diet that makes each of us happy, lean and energetic. Everyone is unique. Everyone has different energy needs which depend on his or her lifestyle and goals. Most of us are not Olympic athletes and don’t need sources of highly available energy like sandwiches and or, if you like it more distinguished, French baguette every one or two hours. On a vacation, the time of the year your main and often only task is to relax and recover, we can, no we have to allow ourselves a little bit more than usual.


Take me as an example: If I don’t have any specific goal to lose body fat as a part of my job as a sport’s model, I will definitely make the most out the culinary experience of going abroad, because I love to eat and I’m not the only one  – I mean, we all eat and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.


Let’s return to our business:


The 10 Commandments of Holiday Dieting

  1. When you pack your bags make sure to take enough money to taste any food that you want. Please do not take any cans or packed food from your home – just prepare your taste buds to be amazed.

  2. The food in the plane sucks, at least, in my opinion. You can eat fresh food in the airport or just eat at home before your flight.

  3. Landed safely at your destination? Enter the first grocery store or restaurant in order to fuel the body with fresh and high-quality food.  Don’t wait until you are hungry.
  4. Make sure that you eat mostly fresh food because the taste and the smell are amazing. And if your partner knows how to cook than your trip is really worthwhile.
  5. For our aerobic activity, my husband and I love tracking. Before we leave, we pack a meal or two depending on the length of the track and we hit the road. Afterward, we’ve earned our treat; a great dinner or lunch at a fine restaurant with a glass of beer or wine.  This does amazing things to your body and soul.
  6. If I want my dessert I will order one or share one with my husband. Always remember: the cake is just a food, more of it will always be there and it is your decision how much to consume.
  7. Do not make the mistake and take a sports equipment on your trip. For my last trip I packed my TRX and I am proud to say that it hasn’t left the bag. “Why?” I realized that my body wants a break so it got one. In addition, I realized that my body wanted a donut with vanilla filling and Apricot Strudel so I tasted that too. And you know what? Since my body and I are cooperating, things between us are going pretty well: Building mass when we want and losing fat when we need.
  8. Is there anything to avoid during traveling? Yes, leave the unrealistic expectations at home. You will gain some fat, lose your training and eating routine and taste things more than usual. Is it bad? No. Will you have to “pay” for it, after you come back? Maybe. The price will be to return back to your routine of exercise and nutrition according to your lifestyle and goals. Is it a punishment? Absolutely not to those who know how they want to feel and look.
  9. The most important rule is your attitude. You don’t diet for 10 days in London, NY or any other place. If you want to succeed in any body transformation goal persistence is your weapon.
  10.  And when you’re on vacation, your persistence also wants to relax and have a little break from you.

Bio:  Orit Tsaitlin CISSN is a certified sports nutritionist and strength coach. She is the owner of the company 4elements4life. Contact: