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Tali Before
1st February 2016
Tali After
8th June 2016

"I came across Orit on Facebook accidentally and was amazed at the pictures and results. There's something about her - in the way she talks, in how she looks, her entire personality - that radiates success. I appreciate professional people who practice what they preach, and this is exactly who Orit is and more!! Her attitude is contagious and she brought the spark back for me. The spark to take control of my life and my body. The spark of success, the determination to accomplish a goal I set for myself and work hard to achieve it! I began with big hopes and a positive attitude, which I had lost over the years, and the results soon followed! I started remembering ME, at my best. Orit is encouraging. Supportive. She knows how to give feedback and how to say the right thing to point me exactly in the right direction. It's a healthy and reasonable program that you can follow forever while eating the correct amounts of everything."

Personalized Nutrition plan, training program for specific body type and on line coaching
-6.5 kg, -7% body fat in 4 months