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Tali Before
27th October 2014
Tali After
30th March 2015

"My name is Diana, 38 y.o. single mom + 2. No matter what I did, I couldn’t lose weight. Last half a year I gained several kilos and got frustrated. I realized I needed to search for something else because what I was doing wasn’t really working. One sunny day I saw a photo of Orit sports nutritionist on facebook and I was amazed by a woman with a body of my dreams. I admit that I was skeptical because everybody promises and at the end no one delivers. From a short introduction email, I realized that I was in the right place and she understood exactly what I needed. Today my workouts are at home, which is good because I don't’ need a babysitter and my kids have fun running around. I feel great and not hungry, I look awesome and feel satisfied every day. It’s hard to believe that with a relatively small effort I look like I always wanted to and know how to preserve it. To every mom, career woman or both out there - It is a perfect program."

Personalized Nutrition plan, training program for specific body type and on line coaching
-8 kg, -10% body fat in 5 months