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Tali Before
8th February 2015
Tali After
10th June 2015

"I think the era of making excuses is over. Today everything is possible and nearly everything is a matter of choice. I want to live a good and healthy life - it’s a process that started with quitting smoking. But it’s not enough for me to be okay inside only. I want to be comfortable with myself externally, too, walking around with my head held high. There's no equal for that. Your choice of destination, my choice, like Orit taught me, is deciding to do it for yourself every day. You can lie to the world, but not to yourself. I really want my goal. I gave it my all, really all I could to get there. Just dedicate yourself to the process and to rely on Orit’s professionalism and know that if she needs to, she’ll give you hell, but it all comes from love and pushes you to your destination even when it is difficult. Thank you"

Personalized Nutrition plan, training program for specific body type and on line coaching
-10 kg, 9% body fat in 4 months